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PACOBAND "Spirits of Trance"

Paco Band

Youness Paco from Morocco, son of a legendary Gnaoua master and leader of the group "Nass El Ghiwane", was born into contact with a subculture that crosses borders. His father worked and played with Jimi Hendrix, among others.
Youness Paco led the band into the present with an open mind and gained experience in playing with musicians in Europe. One hotspot was Munich, where many artists, such as the
Alphorn Collective and Thomas Gundermann, maintain friendships with Morocco. A scholarship from the city enabled the Paco Band to work together intensively.

Spirits of Trance contains traditional Gnaoua songs as well as compositions inspired by this swinging Sufi trance style.

Youness Paco - solo vocals, gembri, percussion
Thomas Gundermann - german bagpipe, moroccan gasbah, thaiflute khlui,
percussion, backing vocals Mohamed Imel - Oud, mandorla, backing vocals
Yussef Amazi - Darbucca, Djembe, qraqeb, tam tam, riq, backing vocals

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