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Roman Bunka und Embryo auf der World Music
Konzert Coincidence München 19. Oktober 2918
Obituary: Christian Burchard, influencer and pioneer of world music
Schreckeneder über Indie-Anfänge in den 70gern
Coicidence, Peter Michael Hamel, Thomas Gundermann
Neuerscheinung für März 2014 Peter Michael Hamel / Thomas Gundermann: Coincidence
Julius Schittenhelm gestorben
Neuerscheinung für Sept 07
English press information TUBE
Pressestimmen zu "Om Keshav"
English press information Om Keshav
Critica italiana - Om Keshav
Iris Disse: CD des Monats, Radio Okerwelle
Fünf Sterne von Jazzthetik 6`03 für Iris Disse
Crítica espagnola - Ayahuasca

Othmar Schreckeneder
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English press information TUBE
Schneeball’s 75th publication is every bit as unusual as an anniversary product should be. Schneeball is rightly regarded as one of the first Indie labels. With its publication of “tube”, this label presents contemporary music that satisfies the original Indie criteria: unconventional musicians, a regional environment, a courageous contribution of new and far-out listening experiences in accord with the musicians’ own ideas, lengthy compositions, and abundant freedom for improvisation. The duo behind Durban Poison IV consists of Matthias Schneider-Hollek (flute, electronics) and Klaus Burger (tuba, didgeridoo, piccolo trumpet, soprano trombone, cimbasso, seashell, beer bottle). Both musicians are classically trained. After meeting one another as composers and producers of music for films and theater pieces, they sought and found a path that lies far beyond the anemia of so-called “New Music.” The result is an adventurous mixture of percussive electronics, free brass improvisations, and generously used echoes and spatial resonance: Dub waves a greeting from the distance; Break Beats pass through; Miles Davis smiles down from Cloud Nine; and experimental electronics twitter occasionally. This is a collection of their live recordings from 2005 and 2006. This recording draws its life not only from its incredible heterogeneity, but especially from the musical qualities of its musicians, who have profoundly understood and mastered their instruments. The cover features a painting and backgrounds by the artist Stefan Rustige, who continues to visually weave the same threads that the musicians first audibly spun. Klaus Burger says: Improvised music needs time to unfurl. Space and time must be allowed for its controlled growth. (Such a structure elicits only limited enthusiasm from the ears of a typical CD listener.) The fruit is enormous vitality, suddenly separated from the process of coming into being.
Absolute music.