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EMBRYO "La Blamba Sparozzi"
SCHNEEBALL records; Thu LP EMBRYO "La Blama Sparozzi" intermediate zones
28. Schneeball: New edition: Remastered, new artwork

SCHNEEBALL Records, founded in 1976, has had a lasting impact on music in Germany with its records for at least a decade. In 1981 EMBRYO “La Blama Sparozzi” was created
A milestone in EMBRYOŚ new concept after the huge success of "EMBRYO'S REISE" which brought the band cult status in the alternative scene.

However, the success led to serious ideological disputes among the musicians: what is the value of success in relation to joy in playing and creativity? These internal differences then led to the separation of the DISSIDENTEN.
So much for a better understanding of the uncompromising nature with which this DoLP was put together and what a frontal attack it represented against the listening habits of the early 80s. On top of that, it was also an artistic frontal attack on the former colleagues and a radical departure from trend thinking in line with the market.

In retrospect, since this point in time at the latest, one can speak of a development towards “WELTMUSIK with Munich touch”, which many musicians still orientate themselves on and refer to in their work. As a unique selling point compared to the later term "Worldmusic", which became a marketing tool for foreign folk and related things, "WELTMUSIK" requires composers and performers to delve deeper into, even study the structures of the music they are currently getting into. Inevitable is the desire and curiosity for foreign cultures and the acquaintance with the local masters: to learn and improvise at eye level, to internalize the way of life and philosophy, and if possible, swinging on the same wavelength, to spiritually feel power from harmony.

Another prerequisite for success is compositional work based on joint improvisation. “La Blama Sparozzi” can convey that: even taking on a connecting role between artists from different continents becomes possible and is one of the most exciting documents on this DoLP. Just as no concert should be the same, this DoLP draws on diversity. Listening habits can be changed, horizons broadened, prejudices reduced: this was the pedagogical approach of the restless composer and band leader Christian Burchard, who traveled to three continents in just a few years with constantly changing line-ups.

Peter Michael Hamel from Klangraum Aschau and head of the Intercultural Music Institute comments on the album below:

What a wonderful meeting! This double album was so important back then because the embryo did not fall apart after the Great Journey. Our Between Band and others broke up in the early 1980s. Even EMBRYO was shaken by crises, upheavals, disputes, separations, dissidentism. You can feel that in the pieces. But EMBRYO continued to exist. And symbolically exactly with this double LP: a wild, non-commercial, sometimes angular approach, hard, fresh, relentless, at the highest level and uncompromising. The versatile multiple and the common whole, with musicians from all over the world, mainly from Africa, and also with EMBRYO veteran Edgar Hofmann, with the later radio play maker Ulli Bassenge and with Amon Düül's friend Chris Karrer. Certainly these are not the catchiest pieces, no light listening possible. But: It's unbelievable what has come together here. There is also a memory to Kabul, with Rebabmaster Ustad Omar, who died in 1980, some songs are on it, Grace Yoon sings at the end and Roman Bunka is mostly present, alongside Christian Burchard the most important thing for me on these two LPs.

Peter Michael Hamel

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